Catholic Presence

That's our girl, showing her 'bi-partisan' spirit! I'm guessing that Pelosi won't actually fit in too well with Obama's chosen image (the 'chosen' image), and they'll have to get someone less , um, like a pitbull with lipstick. Its hard to see her usefulness in a Democrat gov't. And no, she doesn't lend any credible Catholic presence at all. Even less than the smattering of Kennedy's, or Joe Biden.

Canada has been plagued for decades with the same pseudo-Catholic presence, and we're already where Obama wants to be .... unrestricted abortion in a socialist state. America, the default Canada. How sad.

I listened to Martin Luther King the lll on Fox this morning. They missed a great opportunity to ask him what his father would have thought of Obama's push for unrestricted abortion as the solution to the 'poverty problem'. King said that both candidates had mentioned the 'middle class', but that his father's primary concern had been the poor. He also said that while he realized that a black president was a big deal for some, he had had confidence that it was already possible. Before Obama. He did not endorse Obama's presidency directly, although he was being interviewed as if that was a 'given'. (These morning guys!) Too bad they didn't have him there with his cousin Alveda King, who has been very outspoken about King Jr.'s strong 'prolife' values, and has been campaigning tirelessly to end the genocide of blacks in America through abortion.
(see Obama Is Not King)

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