"Mothers, Don't Let Your Kids Grow Up To Be.." IRISH

Seriously. Notre Dame University, in spite of the 'Fighting Irish' legacy, is giving the Irish a bad name. No longer do we have images of Irish monks pulling Europe up out of the dark ages. Thanks to the persistent corruption of Catholic image perpetrated by faculty and administration at Notre Dame, now even the student newspaper is a tool of the 'New Mediocrity' .

Why do parents still pay so much to put their Catholic children in a place where they have to search for authentic Catholicism? Don't they feel cheated? Shouldn't they be getting full-fledged , administration supported, Magisterium loyal, intellectually honest, Truth with a capital 'T' education for their kids?

A football team is not enough. 'Irish' is not enough. The memory of holy priests and professors is not enough.

America has better.

*Note: I do know there are some very faithful alumni,faculty and students at Notre Dame. I know that a Catholic student can maintain their faith in any environment, no matter how insidious the corruption, under the name of 'Catholic'. Perhaps the 'Fighting Irish' will take on an entirely new meaning with the struggle to reform Our Lady's university.

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