Tea Party Tutorial For CNN Reporters...and others

Freedom depends on the ability to be INDEPENDENT. Governments that seek control of 'worker drone' citizens, reduce freedom by increasing taxation, and rendering more and more of the population DEPENDENT on government 'largesse'.

The (media supported) attitude towards the 'Tea Party' movement is indicative of a government that has scorn for workers, feels entitled to their incomes and demands their unquestioning fealty. A government of one hundred days that already has this 'attitude', totally unearned, shows unspeakable audacity. The kind of audacity that shows up infamously throughout history . The audacity of totalitarian elites who 'govern' to control.

Control over income spending.
Control over life and death.
Control over speech and thought.

Stand up for yourself. Every day, stand up. Every day talk back to the paid commercials calling themselves 'news'.(Better yet,find some actual news.) Every day make up your own mind. Question every authoritative decree that comes down the chute - from your kid's school, to your local government. Stand up. Go with that patriotic feeling churning in your gut. Put yourself on the list of people who make their own decisions about education,religion,belief,and family. (You know, that list of potential problems for totalitarian governments). Stand up. Speak up. Raise up a large patriotic American family. Teach them the virtues of true freedom.

Be Independent. Be American!

(This rant might seem strange coming from an ex-pat Canadian, but I'm really counting on Americans to BE AMERICAN. There are far too many polite sheep in the world already.)

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kate said...

Wow. That was a great, entertaining and informative video. More people should see this to understand that we must verify what a person (like the president) is saying and value that above how they say it and how many people are cheering.