Rosaries For Life

On May 3rd a 'prayer-a-thon' to end abortion is happenning. The St. Michael the Archangel Org. is rounding up a million rosaries to be prayed beginning 9am May 3.

Our parish is participating starting on May 1. It has been highlighted in our parish bulletin the past two Sundays, and the 'sign -up' sheet is in the Adoration Chapel. We will have many many rosaries to add to the petitioning of Heaven for the lives on the unborn.

Another prayer initiative upcoming is 'prayer week' in Cayman. Different churches in the Cayman Ministers' Assoc. are making consecutive 24 hr. prayer vigils ,for the spiritual health of our country. St. Ignatius kicks it off April 30 at 7pm until May 1, 7pm. "Pray 2009" will continue until May 9.

These two events are part of our Christian experience in Grand Cayman, and that Christian experience is the main part of why we live thousands of miles from family, at lesser salary and with 'island inconveniences'.

We love Canada, and we certainly miss our families. But we love our God, and we want our children to grow up free to express and live that love daily, in their everyday world. Cayman allows us that freedom.

I thank God for the Cayman Islands - a beautiful little country not yet overwhelmed by the 'anti-God'.

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