"It's Going To Be Quite A Fight!"

The so-called 'Fairness Doctrine' is not going to be put in place without a battle, but Americans believe it will be done. Who can blame their resignation, after witnessing the passing of the stimulus 'plan' without any regard for truth or cooperation.... the style of this gov't is 'cave or be vilified by our media stooges' and the 'gov't control of all media doctrine' will be just the tool POTUS can truly appreciate

...Only 26% of voters believe conservatives have an unfair advantage in the media, the argument several senior congressional Democrats use in pushing for the restoration of the Fairness Doctrine. Sixty-four percent (64%) disagree.

Most (52%) liberals say conservatives have an unfair advantage, while 79% of conservatives and 64% of moderates disagree.

Even a majority of Democratic voters (53%) say that conservatives do not have an unfair advantage in the media.

Seventy-four percent (74%) of voters overall say it is possible for just about any political view to be heard in today’s media with the Internet, cable networks, satellite radio, newspapers, radio and TV available. Just 19% disagree.

But 51% say it is at least somewhat likely that the Democratic-controlled Congress will restore the Fairness Doctrine, which requires holders of broadcast licenses to present balanced political coverage of important issues, as determined by the Federal Communications Commission. Fourteen percent (14%) believe it is Very Likely....

... In a survey just before Election Day in November, 68% of voters said reporters covering a political campaign try to help the candidate they want to win, and 51% thought they were trying to help Democratic candidate Barack Obama in 2008. Only seven percent (7%) said reporters were trying to help Republican candidate John McCain.

Fifty-seven percent (57%) of Republicans oppose government-mandated political balance on all radio stations, while the plurality of Democrats (49%) support it. Voters not affiliated with either major party also are opposed by a two-to-one margin....

So as Pelosi and POTUS like to remind us, they won, and they can (and will) do whatever they want. I don't have a problem with the 'winners' being the gov't, but I do have a problem with them taking over the media.... something all Americans should be wary of. I don't want my independent search for voices I want to hear , interrupted by the voices of those I don't. The gov't should not be telling me I HAVE TO LISTEN! That is UNAMERICAN.

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