Amnesty International - Off The Deep End

In case you've been reserving judgement, waiting for further proof that Amnesty International has joined the ranks of the 'Culture of Death Squad', here they are demanding that doctors in Mexico be FORCED to perform abortions!

Amnesty International, a "human rights" organization that opposes the right to life of unborn children, is now demanding that Mexico force doctors to do abortions.

In simultaneous protests held last Friday in Mexico City and Madrid, Amnesty International and other pro-abortion organizations denounced the Mexican government for refusing to require physicians to perform abortions on rape victims and provide abortifacient "emergency contraception."

The protests were held in response to the decision to alter Mexico's Official Norm 046 on treating victims of sexual violence. The original text, approved by the government last July, required health professionals to perform abortions on rape victims. The final version, however, was altered by Mexico's Secretary of Health Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos, to protect the right of doctors to refuse to participate in abortions....

I'm sure their protests are as effective as always (as in NOT), but all the same, do people really give them money to pull off stunts like this?

What can I say. This world is a looney bin.


Stephen said...

What's sad is that AI has convinced many young minds (all you have to do is walk along a the main street of any Canadian city to see the evidence) that they are working for the rights of the downtrodden and innocent. The biggest obstacle for the pro-life movement is that it champions the one group that truely has no voice. It's much easier to convince people to stand up for someone who can be seen and heard.

island breezes said...

True. However, good families are producing youth who grow up informed and passionate about the unborn. They are the voice that needs to be heard, and you can tell by the amount of repression they face.