Hey Doug #7 - Liberal Catholics Destroying Church



The dissident, leftist movement in the Catholic Church over the last forty years has severely undermined the teaching of the Catholic Church on the moral teachings on life and family, a prominent US Orthodox rabbi told LifeSiteNews.com. Rabbi Yehuda Levin, the head of a group of 800 Orthodox rabbis in the US and Canada, also dismissed the accusations that the Holy See had not sufficiently distanced itself from the comments made by Bishop Richard Williamson of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) on the Holocaust.

"I support this move" to reconcile the traditionalist faction in the Church, he said, "because I understand the big picture, which is that the Catholic Church has a problem. There is a strong left wing of the Church that is doing immeasurable harm to the faith."
Rabbi Levin said that he understands "perfectly" why the reconciliation is vital to the fight against abortion and the homosexualist movement....

....Rabbi Levin was in Rome holding meetings with high level Vatican officials to propose what he called a "new stream of thinking" for the Church's inter-religious dialogue, one based on commonly held moral teachings, particularly on the right to life and the sanctity of natural marriage.

"The most important issue," he said, is the work the Church is doing "to save babies from abortion, and save children's minds, and young people's minds, helping them to know right and wrong on the life and family issues."

"That's where ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue has to go."

I'm with the Rabbi. Liberal Catholics have been largely responsible for societal decay,(kind of the opposite of the Irish monks that 'saved' the world!) and only by strengthening orthodoxy in the church will we be able to right the wrong of decades of dissidence and disobedience that has robbed several generations of their souls. (Of course, this involves much sacrifice and prayer!)

Catholic schools can do their part by teaching that there are actual TRUTHS that CAN BE KNOWN ( instead of the relativistic drivel that many are teaching now!)

Doug Kmiec has God given talents that should be used for this endeavor.

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