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....This morning, I received an email from a young woman who very politely objected to our vigil outside the hospital this fall. I have just spent the last two hours writing a logical response to her objections. I am convinced that most pro-choice women have never heard a consistent pro-life argument; their statements are always highly emotional and betray a lack of real knowledge of the facts....

“Abortion is not pleasant for anyone - least of all those with unwanted pregnancies who decide to seek them.”

You are right, abortion is not pleasant, however have you researched what happens to women who have abortions and the aftermath? Abortion is sought as a quick solution to a problem; however, studies are showing that it brings a host of problems that unfortunately, our society is not willing to disclose – more on this later. Most women think that abortion will solve the pregnancy problem and they can move on with their lives; however that is just not the case for a huge number of women....

“I also believe that abortions are less evil than bringing more unwanted children into the world.”

This statement is often made and Hillary Clinton herself used it a number of years ago when promoting abortion. However the statistics actually show that the number of abused children has increased.”Statistics reveal a sharp rise in child abuse in countries that legalize abortion. In 1973, when abortion was legalized, child abuse cases in the United States were estimated at 167,000. By 1982, the number had risen to 929,000. In the first ten years after the legalization of abortion in America, child abuse increased over 500 percent.” Pro Life Answers to Pro Choice Questions, by Randy Alcorn

If we allow women and their doctors to kill children inside the womb, how do you tell a woman not to batter her child outside the womb? Violence is not a solution to an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy; violence breeds more violence. The statistics confirm this....

There are many more questions and answers in the article. They are a very good response to some very familiar objections.


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