Canadian Update

Ezra Levant:
....It's not just that the overwhelming majority of Canadians are against this separatist coalition. Most of them are very much against it -- they're revved up about it...

Poll Analysis:
.... An exclusive Sun Media-Leger Marketing poll finds that if the Tories are toppled in a non-confidence vote, 43% would prefer to return to the polls while 40% would opt for a Liberal-NDP coalition supported by the Bloc Quebecois.

Albertans are most staunchly opposed to a coalition, with 71% favouring another election. Those in the East and Central Canada are more open to a coalition, especially in Quebec where 58% would choose that option over another federal vote....

Parliament Prorogued:
....Harper: Following my advice, the Governor-General has agreed to prorogue Parliament. Last Friday, I asked Canadians to make apparent their opinions to the Parliamentary situation. Their comments were numerous and very clear. The men and women of Canada want the government of Canada to continue to work on the agenda on which they voted - our plan to strengthen the Canadian economy.

When Parliament resumes its work on January 26, the first item on the agenda will be the presentation of the federal budget...

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