Support Jamaican Life

Remember Fr. Richard Ho Lung in your prayers tomorrow, as he speaks in support of LIFE in Jamaica.
Fr. Ho Lung is the founder of Missionaries of the Poor, an order of brothers who work for the poor and abandoned.
In response to the Jamaican parliament's temptation to legalize abortion , the Missionaries of the Poor are opening the 'Holy Innocents Center'.

Fr. Ho Lung :
...Many of our women are being chastised as foolish for wanting to carry their children even when they do not have a thought of abortion. This is true primarily for poor ghetto women, but even the middle class are being told likewise.

At Holy Innocents we will organize a free daycare center for 200 mothers and their babies. We will offer them free service.

Often our mothers worry about losing their jobs if they take time off for child bearing and after care. This will relieve them. Our home will be right in the heart of another ghetto, near what is known as heroes' Circle.

We will have deliveries. Hopefully volunteer nurses, midwives and even doctors will help us.

A donor (who doesn't want to be named) purchased this building for Missionaries of the Poor's use. God bless this kind man. We hope many donors will come forward to help us repair it.

We believe this will be a center filled with life and happiness. On Sundays we will have Mass with Jamaican music, and our brothers telling of the Lord Jesus.

We don't want to just be against abortion. We want to be Pro-Life.

All the services provided by the Missionaries of the Poor are free. They support themselves with a music ministry and through the generous support of donors and volunteers. Please go to their website for information on how you can best support their good work. And Pray. A Lot.

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