"Unnamed McCain Aide Takes Blame For Loss"

Scott Ott:

The finger-pointing on the McCain campaign staff continued today as an unnamed former top adviser placed the blame for the loss to Barack Obama on someone who has thus far escaped responsibility.

“It’s not Gov. Palin’s fault. It’s my bad,” said the anonymous source. “I’m the diva. I went rogue. And heaven knows, I spent huge sums of money on ridiculous things. I wasn’t alone in scuttling the ship, but I take personal responsibility…you know, without attribution.”

While the former adviser said he accepts the blame for the defeat, he spoke only on the condition of anonymity, “to protect my future chances of hopping another one of these sweet gravy trains.”

“We worked for two people whose character and integrity were their chief positives,” the now-unemployed former insider said, “Frankly, the average mercenary political consultant like me doesn’t have a lot of experience with those kind of folks. So, we really had no clue how to run their campaign. As a result, we got spanked.”

“The important thing for people to remember,” he added, “is that win or lose, the consultants still get paid.”

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