"If Catholics Were Catholic"

Matthew Warner has a new 'category' of post over at Fallible Blogma:

...If Catholics actually acted Catholic when we voted we could change the political landscape forever.

Catholics made up about 25% of the 123 million Americans that voted in the last presidential race - so about 30 million Catholics voted (of which there are many more that did not vote). And for our purposes, McCain and Obama pretty much split the Catholic vote - so about 15 million Catholics each. Obama won the popular vote by only about 8 million votes and it was even closer in battleground states.

In other words, for all practical purposes, Catholics have the power to easily cover that gap and decide pretty much any election…if we chose to stick together and fight for truth. No other demographic can really compare in terms of unity in belief (not in America or even the entire world).

The problem is that 1) there are many Catholics that claim to be Catholic but do not fully understand what that means and how it should affect their lives and voting, and 2) many Catholics believe they have to compromise on their values when it comes to politics. Basically, we need to catechize better and we need better Catholic political leadership to create a clear vision that unifies us.

Let’s be clear - it would take one election. In one election Catholics could change the entire political landscape forever....

We have the numbers. We just don't have the Faith.

St. Thomas More "The King's good servant, but God's first."

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