Catholic Sisters Murdered in Iraq

More tragedy in Mosul, as a Catholic family is attacked leaving two sisters dead, and their mother seriously injured. A bomb left behind killed three police who were responding to the attack.

...This event, Aid to the Church in Need affirmed, brought panic to the Christian community of Mosul. They said Christians, as well as other minorities, believe that the twin homicides cast doubt on government efforts to promote security with a greater police presence in response to last month's campaign of violence and intimidation against Christians.

Those attacks moved more than 2,000 families, about 12,000 people, to flee the city. Vatican spokesman Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi had described that campaign as a systematic targeting of Christians with house-by-house, "leave or die" threats...

...Christian Iraqi leaders said that the attack shows the government is failing to keep its promise to bring peace and security to the church communities, and they ask the West to intervene to defend not just Christians, but all Iraqi minorities.

"The government is trying to deceive the outside world, making them believe that they are acting correctly and that Christians are safe," said one local Catholic leader. "In reality, the situation is still very challenging."

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Portiuncula: the Little Portion said...

I firmly believe it's simply a matter of time before this is happening to us right here in the United States and Canada... probably within the next four years...