Canada To Honour Serial Killer Morgentaler

Just in time for Canada Day, in a cruel show of depravity,we hear that our illustrious Governor General, Michaelle Jean, will bestow the 'Order of Canada' on the most prolific and notorious murderer in Canadian history.

'Dr.' Henry Morgentaler is to receive Canada's highest civilian honour.

Every Canadian adult knows who he is and what he has done. All know he is personally responsible for thousands of Canadian deaths through abortion, and has been abortion's greatest advocate. He has also reaped the financial awards of being the foremost abortion provider in a country with NO RESTRICTIONS.

Words cannot describe the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, and the near despair I feel for the future of my grandchildren as Canadians. (Near, because they fortunately have a second home in a still-Christian country that does not allow abortions.) When I remember myself as twenty, still enamored with the Nation of my birth, with an idealistic fervor for her history of pioneers and my French-Irish roots, I weep for a lost love. I weep for the love denied my children, who have grown up aware of what Canada has become, girding themselves for the battle to recover her soul. I weep for those who gave their lives for our future, only to have it cannibalized by inhuman ideologues.

Henry Morgentaler is a sorry excuse for a man. He is not human. He is missing something essential - the ability to recognize and appreciate humanity. Apparantly, he is not alone. If we are to believe that the 'Order of Canada' represents a National feeling of honour and respect for the recipient, Canada is full of sorry excuses.(Backed up by 'thought police').

I don't live in Canada anymore, I visit family.I'm a 'cultural exile'. An 'ex-pat'. I can't raise my children in a country that hates children. They deserve better. Luckily for Canada, they're bound to be as prolific as other Canadians aren't. Sooner or later the baby lovers will simply outnumber the zombies.
Then we'll all move home.

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