"Decency Gap" Expose ( Kicked Off You Tube)

“The video shows the true identity of Reinhardt, which she tried to cleverly hide. She was not mistreated in any way, but you can see the understandable discomfort of Reinhardt as she was caught trying to trick others. It is embarrassing, for certain, but in any case she was the one trying to trick me,” Polo told CNA. He also revealed that Reinhardt sent him several emails without saying who she really was. “To pull that video only favors Reinhardt in her intention to trick more people. I know of two other people in Peru who, thanks to that video, avoided being deceived by her,” Polo said. “Eve Reinhardt agreed to allow our conversation to be filmed and that can be easily seen in the video,” he added. (CNA)

This video was taken off You Tube after lobbying by Planned Parenthood, something they've done before. (h/t custos fidei)

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