Jay Leno To Raise Funds AGAINST Pregnancy Crisis Centers

Comedian Jay Leno and his wife are to host a fundraiser for Feminist Majority Foundation, a radical abortion organization that advocates protests against and closure of pregnancy crisis centers. Mavis Leno is a member of the board of FMF, so presumably she is aware of and supports their radical stands against informing and providing a healthful choice for women, or supporting them emotionally and materially through crisis pregnancies. She therefore is expressly not for choice or for women, but FOR abortion at all costs, even at the cost to women themselves.

Not very funny.

Meanwhile, OptionLine reaches out to women pregnant or after an abortion, and helps connect them with information and crisis pregnancy centers across America. Women can find the help they need , without being pressured into a 'procedure' that may forever change their physical, mental and spiritual health.

Clearly, caring for women is not as simple as providing a ticket to murder whomever stands in the way of their immediate 'plans'. Caring for women implies providing for their health as whole persons - perhaps a concept that FMF cannot reconcile with. Afterall, where would the 'sacred cow' abortion be if women had depth of knowledge, emotion and spirituality?



GrannyGrump said...

What did poor women ever do to Leno's wife that she hates them so much, and wants to keep them in isolation and despair? It's not like she makes money from it. Is it a power trip?

memoriadei said...

Have you heard/seen a group bombarding them with emails on this?? You know, I know that they don't care nor do the networks...but the commercial advertisers do. I really wish there were a million people telling the commercial advertisers that they aren't watching the TV program so they can't see what is being sold to support the program. How despicable this is!