Off The Cliff

It will be a quick and disasterous decline.

Albert Mohler:

...Speaking to a conference sponsored by the Oxford International Biomedical Centre, Professor Gardner was ostensibly speaking as an expert on stem cell research. Indeed the conference, "New Body Parts for Old: Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine," was itself ostensibly about embryonic stem cell research. Unexpectedly, Professor Gardner pushed the discussion to the next level.

Gardner's proposal is to use kidney and liver tissues obtained from aborted fetuses in order to treat organ failure in patients. Indeed, Professor Gardner's suggestion went further. He argued that fetal organs could be transplanted into adults. Experiments in mice, he said, indicate that these organs "grow extremely quickly."

This is about as scary as the news can get. Here we confront a serious proposal to use aborted fetuses as factories for spare organs and tissues. Having commodified the human embryo and then allowing its destruction in the name of medical progress, the fetus is next in line.

Professor Stuart Campbell affirmed Gardner's proposal, adding that, if fetuses are going to be aborted, "it is a shame to waste their organs."

In other words, it is just fine to waste their lives and destroy their human dignity, but it is not fine to "waste their organs."...

Hardly seems different from the use of human embryos. Next week maybe we could use premature babies with little chance of survival. The current rate of abortion is supplying more premature babies every day, and they are sooo expensive. A public health care system cannot support futile medical care. Let's make best use of our resources...

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