"Holocaust Memorial"


Since 1973 . . . 50 million children have died as a result of legalized abortion in the United States. There is no visible monument to their passing. No pictures of death and destruction to prick our consciences and bring these dark deeds into the light. There is no enduring reminder that they were our hope and our future. They are voiceless, faceless and anonymous thereby leaving no lasting impression upon our generation. Unlike Hurricane Katrina, there is little residual evidence that we have suffered a tragedy of biblical proportion....

.... The loss of 50 million people is hard to imagine. The Vietnam War Memorial Wall is ten feet high and 500 foot long and contains 58,000+ names. Comparatively, a similar wall depicting all 50 million names would extend to over 81 miles in length. An entire generation is gone and we never knew them. It would seem a small thing that we acknowledge their passing and clothe them in death with human dignity by assigning each a name....

Support Personhood

ALSO SEE National Memorial For The Unborn in Chattanooga, TN.


Samantha said...

We have a National Memorial for the Unborn here in Chattanooga, TN. In an old abortion building, no less. It is very inspiring.


island breezes said...

Thanks Samantha. A much better way to heal than having coffee with Obama and helping him remove all restrictions so others can literally 'share the pain'.