"Our Lady Of Guadalupe"

Last year our parish, St. Ignatius (Cayman Islands), received from Mexico a life-sized replica of the Tilma. It was blessed in Mexico City and hangs on the wall of our church near the front, where it is visible from almost every pew. After each Mass he attends, my seven-yr. old goes over to the picture (by himself) and 'visits' with Our Lady, thanking her for her wonderful 'Yes!'.

Every time I look at this image, I am reminded that we are not alone in our struggles to 'save the unborn'.

EWTN has some great information on the history of Juan Diego, the Tilma, and the Feast of Our Lady of Gualdalupe - December 12.
...let us call upon MARY with confidence. She is an "incomparable model of how life should be welcomed and cared for... Showing us her Son, she assures us that in Him the forces of death have already been defeated" (John Paul II)

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