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SoCon posts on the real reasons behind the 'dismissal' of Dr.Larry Reynolds from the Univ. of Manitoba...you guessed it, he didn't 'fit in':

....the University of Manitoba has shown its intolerance and bigotry against a renowned and experienced professor and doctor because he did not tow the politically correct pro-abortion and pro-establishment line regarding family medicine..... the University of Manitoba - or any other government supported institution for that matter - should not be engaging in some kind of veiled political witchhunt against one its distinguished professors for having the audacity to hold contrary opinions to the University’s “Academic Authority”.

The Univ. of Manitoba has been known to FAIL, as in deny a degree, to medical students who refuse to perform or refer abortions. Dr. Larry Reynolds says this about refusing to refer for abortions :
“Some have argued that this means that we are imposing our beliefs on vulnerable women. Of course, this is not the case. We are maintaining our own moral conscience in refusing to become a mere instrument of someone else’s moral decisions. If we do anything less than this, we allow ourselves to become mere objects. That same argument also promotes the idea that women are helpless victims dependent on physicians to rescue them. Women are strong independent moral beings and deserve to be treated as such, as do physicians.”

Winnipeg also was recently the centre of a controversey when the the 'Grace' hospital tried to establish itself as the arbiter of 'human value', bullying a dying man's family in an attempt to speed his demise.

Any guesses where Dr. Reynolds stands on the issue of euthanizing elderly patients?

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