Christmas On My Mind

Four days of homeschooling left before Christmas. No.5 son turns 12 today. No. 2 son arrives home on Wednesday night. Housework not done. Baking not done. Shopping - hahahaha. (Fortunately DH does most of that!) Thank goodness we live 2 blocks from the Church, because with three altar servers we have a busy schedule all month.

I may have a seasonally addled mind and molasses slow body but I am not panicking. My family has low expectations. I thank God for our Adoration Chapel and my regular hours of quiet time with Jesus. Nothing , not even my extreme unfitness for the tasks He has given me, can rattle me enough to shake my confidence in His love.
I love being Catholic!

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Evann said...

Wonderful blog! I found you through twitter and I left something for you on my blog. Enjoy!