Who's The Meanest?

Booker Rising:

"Politik Ditto responds to a study by the Wisconsin Advertising Project, based at the University of Wisconsin. The study shows a reversal from previous months, where Sen. McCain put out more negative ads than Sen. Obama. The black conservative Democratic blogger, who supports Sen. John McCain for president, writes: "Again, this is why you can't believe anything the liberal media tells you. From all their accounts it's been John McCain whose been so 'mean' and 'negative' in going after Barack Obama on the campaign trail, but once again the FACTS tell a different story."

Politik Ditto adds: "With this news it becomes more and more obvious that Sarah Palin has gotten in BO's head. To think, one would expect Barack to have more respect for her considering that it wasn't too long ago that he was Sarah Palin: a virtually unknown politician with fierce ambition who quickly vaulted to the top of their party. Therefore by continuing to disrespect ('nothing but a small town mayor', 'pig with lipstick is still a pig') Palin, Barack not only continues to prove how disingenuous he is, but further risks alienating the voting bloc of middle-class workers who could make a big difference in this upcoming election."


A-Dawg said...

did you read about Obama's Spanish-language ad? I was very disappointed.

island breezes said...

did you read about McCain's spanish ad in response?