'The Everlasting Man'

John Zmirak writes an excellent article on Chesterton's 'The Everlasting Man':

"The audience for this apologetic is a reading public not so different from our own -- composed in large part of lazy ex-Christians, hazy post-Christians, New Age skeptics, old-fashioned modernists, and wistful, romantic materialists. The book was written in answer to The Outline of History by H. G. Wells -- a novelist who turned in serious moments from science fiction to fictional science. (He also predicted that progress and contraception would lead at last to an all-white planet, opining once that "those swarms of blacks, and brown, and dirty-white, and yellow people . . . will have to go." So much for Wells's liberality, and powers of prediction.)

Where Wells tried to explain away, through airy appeals to evolution, man's sense that he is unique among the animals and his chronic craving for God, Chesterton decides instead to squat beside the caveman and try to suss out the anthropologists...

...This book -- for all its flourishes, for all the times when the writer seems to jump the shark -- is a stirring answer to one, straightforward question: Who are you people, and what on earth do you want? "

Well worth a full read at Inside Catholic, and of course, read 'The Everlasting Man' as well!

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