Movement Afoot

Coordinated effort to strategize against abortion:

"The pro-life advocates gathered at the "Planned Parenthood: BAD for America" summit, organized by the Pro-Life Action League (PLAL), of Chicago, and shared techniques that have proved successful in impeding Planned Parenthood's objectives across the country. This is the first time so many pro-life groups from across the country have gathered in a single location to address fighting Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider.

According to the Daily Herald, Eric Scheidler, PLAL communications director, and his father Joe Scheidler, renowned pro-life advocate, facilitated discussion and drafting of a joint resolution on steps the pro-life coalition will take to combat Planned Parenthood in the coming years.

They focused on the need to make Americans aware of the "hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars" that non-for-profit Planned Parenthood, "gobbles up" by performing abortions, as well as the necessity of spreading the pro-life message to the black population.

"African-Americans have far more abortions than any other group," Scheidler said. "But that's because Planned Parenthood targets them so much more than the rest of the population."

Scheidler also said that pro-life activists will make a greater effort to pray outside Planned Parenthood "clinics."

In a pre-conference interview, Scheidler said, "We really are going to take a multifaceted approach to this. But most importantly we will be bringing anti-abortion Americans out to fight (Planned Parenthood) on their land."

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