SMUSA Still Struggling With Basic Concepts Like Free Speech

Same old, same old!

 Every year SMUSA disappoints , and apparently the SMU administration are not helping them learn. Outspoken Professor Mark Mercer speaks his mind:
... once we all knew that it was SMUSA and not Saint Mary’s that had interfered with the expression of opinion on campus, I received an email message from Colin* saying that he takes the incident very seriously. He didn’t say whether he was for it or against it or what he intended to do....
...The continuing important story, then, is the administration’s implicit refusal to comment on the matter.”
*(SMU president Colin Dodds)


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Of course, if you've been paying attention, you know of the many other examples - not limited to students- on other Canadian campuses like Queens, York, Calgary ,UBC, Ottawa.. the list goes on. We've even garnered some international attention!

Are these students/university free-speech travesties - anomalies, or a symptom of general societal disease? I freely submit it's endemic to Canadian society. The public schools teach it. The governments support it. Canadians seem to be able to live with it.

Hey Folks! What happened to "True North Strong and Free"!! Edited out?


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