U of Calgary : Letter from Alumnus

Dr. Warren Veale,
Interim Pres. U of Calgary

Dear Sir;

The fact is that Albertans are overwhelmingly in favour of protection
under law of unborn children from any form of violence against them,
whether attacked by knife-wielding boyfriend of the mother, or the
forceps and cutting devices of an abortionist. Lack of protection for
the child in Canadian law, however, should not deter a discussion of
law, with life or death implications, especially at institutions of
higher learning. Surveys favouring protection of unborn children range
from 75% to over 90% in Alberta, depending how the question was asked.
Albertans understand that the unborn children have a high probability of
suffering death from lack of law in Canada and they want the situation

As a former unborn child, if the present state of lawlessness was
present when your mother carried you in her womb, perhaps you'd have
been the victim. Instead, you can thank her on Mothers Day. I urge
you, on behalf of Albertans and unborn children everywhere in Canada, to
put your best instincts into action to stand up to the radical leftists
who protest that conversations may not be held on U of C campus on this
subject. Take the steps to establish a civilized dialogue at U of
Calgary about the rights of children to be kept alive until their birth.

The young people you have allowed to be persecuted by Student Union,
radical leftist university staffers and professors, should be treated
with respect, if not with awe, for their courage in defense of voiceless
victims. Two hundred thousand per year is the rate at which innocent
babies die in Canada. Are they dying for population control, to please
United Nations? Canada needs more people, not less! Is their cause of
death an ideology that has no right or wrong? Since when does Canada
not have a conscience? What is the university doing to discover why
babies have to die, when over 100,000 couples per year apply to adopt a
child? What a crime, that no Canadian babies are available for adoption
because of no protection in law during gestation.

Surely, expelling your best and brightest students does not add to a
solution for the brutality of abortion. I say best and brightest
because they are the ones who see the issue clearly and have the ability
to express for the unborn, in a thought-provoking and articulate manner,
that God-given rights are violated and lives are unnecessarily taken,
when institutions like yours become blind and heartless.

Kindest regards,

James Edward Mullen
BSc. '62, U of A

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