Happy New Year Colby! (UPDATE)

I haven't been following that closely over Christmas, and perhaps Colby Cosh thought nobody else would be reading the National Post either. He was wrong! His anti-religious 'pro-lifers are hypocritical' rant provoked some responses!

Scott Gilbreath points out Cosh's bad memory. For good measure he links to Cosh's public error in the summer, and the upbraiding he received then.

Meanwhile, in the National Post's own blog Charles Lewis pokes more holes in Cosh's 'argument'.

And Suzanne Fortin has further refutation of Colby Cosh's blatherings at BigBlueWave .

Can't be much left of the poor fellow. I hate to state the obvious, but this kind of obtuse denial of facts in favour of political ideology is stupid.

UPDATE: Cosh can't stop hurting himself! Check out his comment thread on Scott Gilbreath's article. (You'd think if the guy was going to cite St. Jerome, he'd read him first!!)

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