Catholic Liberal Arts

Friends With Christ :

"..There is a huge tradition of Liberal Arts in a Catholic context going back to the first Christian century and it is something which has continued in many European countries to this day, and it is being rediscovered now in the States and in Australia. The Liberal Arts comprise the a study of Literature, History, Theology, Philosophy and Science.

There is a profound Catholic focus is the studies which seek a synthesis through, and an emphasis on, the interconnectedness of ideas and perspectives from the different subjects, and by allowing one subject to be built upon another. Subjects are approached from both local and global perspectives and the complementarity of Faith and Reason is drawn upon throughout.

A Catholic Liberal Arts Degree can lead into Education, Writing, Government, Adminstration, Publishing, Communications, Media, Cultural and Faith-based work, Academia, Social Services, Tourism. It gives an education for life, and not simply for an occupation. It seeks to foster good and critical thinkers and to give a deep understanding of culture..."

The Catholic liberal arts college two (so far) of our sons attended in Canada was Our Lady Seat of Wisdom in Barry's Bay Ontario. They are fairly new, begun by young Catholics on a mission to provide authentic Catholic education in an affordable setting. It's also a very picturesque setting. They continue to grow and adjust to their increasing numbers, and the Westin family is grateful for the sacrifices that the founders and early students have made for our benefit.

(Check out 'The Alexandrian', a Catholic culture magazine put out by a recent graduate of OLSWA, Catherine Nolan.)

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