More on Palin

"And when it came to picking a running mate, Sen. McCain didn't go "safe". He went BOLD ... picking a female governor with real accomplishments in taking on and winning against government corruption within her own party. The REAL fresh face in this election belongs to Gov. Sarah Palin. Inexperienced? As Mark Levin points out in my earlier post, Gov. Palin has more executive experience in her 2 years than Senators McCain, Biden, and Obama combined..."

Te Deum:
"Let me ask this: If then Gov. Bill Clinton of Arkansas, at 46 years of age, was experienced enough to be elected president, then why would anyone question the competency of a 44 year old Governor from Alaska to serve as Vice President..."

"Palin proved her pro-life credentials in a powerful way earlier this year year when she gave birth to her fifth child, born with Down Syndrome, despite receiving pressure from doctors to abort. At a time when a vast majority of Down Syndrome children are aborted..."

"John McCain just hit a grand slam.
With McCain's announcement today that AK Gov. Sarah Palin will be his running mate, Barack Obama's abortion problem just got a whole lot bigger..."

"Fasten your seat belts. We're in for a very bumpy ride..."

And for your daily dose of sardonic humour - Scrappleface:
"..Sen. Obama, who chose an elderly white man name Joe Biden as his running mate rather than his rival Sen. Hillary Clinton, said he avoided picking Mrs. Clinton 'to spare her the humiliation that John McCain plans to impose on Sarah Palin.'

'The only way she’ll be able to break into the old-boy network of the presidency,' said Sen. Obama, 'is over John McCain’s dead body. McCain is literally the man who stands in her way.'"

O.K. I'm envious. The American campaign is going to be sooo much more fun than the Canadian one!

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