Ignatieff Still Hot For Abortion

An unfortunate circumstance of living in Cayman, is that there is so much Canadian news. Thus I am frequently subjected to hours and hours of CBC programming. Right now, the Leader of the Opposition is telling us how embarrassed he is that the Canadian government has decided not to fund abortion and contraception as part of 'maternal care'. This was decided by a vote in the House of Commons only last week. He is embarrassed because the US and the UK disagree. Ignatieff believes that people who wish to use contraception and abortion to avoid becoming mothers, should receive the funds designated for those who are or wish to be mothers. In his words, he doesn't wish anyone to be excluded. If you give him enough time, he may include those who wish they weren't women at all...

Michael Ignatieff is the personification of the PC disease that has infected the world. Its perpetrated by bully liberals, who do not allow that anyone else has a legitimate right to vote, decide, speak or act in anyway contrary to liberal dogma. The most obvious of this liberal dogma is the international push for the universal acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle as normal, and the universal access and funding of abortion. The EU, the UN and the US are the pushers. All nations hanging on to even the slightest shred of their Christian heritage, are those being pushed.

Even if one is not the biggest fan of Stephen Harper, even if one thinks he's barely right of left in a lot of areas, and perhaps not at all socially conservative, no freedom loving, individualistic, intelligent , Canadian patriot can in good conscience support the Liberals or their latest stooge - it is tantamount to selling out to World Government. As in 'We don't know what's best for us, let's give our rights over to smarter people, like those suave Europeans, or that handsome intellectual from Harvard'.

I commend the Harper government for this - reflecting the spirit of freedom and common sense that built Canada, and presenting an independently sound and good vision of world health . We don't need to be more American or British or European. We need to be more Canadian. Common sense, hard working people who care about their families and aren't falsely attached to every fleeting self-destructive philosophical fad emanating from Europe or America.

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