I.W.K. Doing Late-Term Abortions - Halifax

Julie Culshaw updates us on what the acclaimed 'children's hospital' in Halifax has been up to:

...A nurse who works in the IWK (I don't know who she is) revealed to someone that she was very shaken and disturbed by the fact that a 37-week old baby was aborted because it had a severe heart defect. The doctors and parents chose abortion over post-partum surgery.

We all know of wonderful cases where the most amazing surgeries have been performed on infants and they have survived to live long and fruitful lives. Yes, there are many, I am sure, who have to live with heart problems and don't live fully active lives, but are their lives any less valuable?

And who are we to make that judgment? We all only get one chance to be born. There is only one set of DNA that makes up you, a unique individual. Yet, abortion gives someone the power to decide that an individual won't get to enter this world. That person will never come to exist here; they are gone forever. Yes, God looks after the babies, I know that, but God also intends for them to live here in this world, not to be killed in the womb. One chance and one chance only - that baby with the heart defect was not given that chance. Whether the parents decided they couldn't face looking after a child with health problems or whether the doctors advised them not to spend all that time and money on a baby that wouldn't be healthy, or whether it was both, they decided to end that child's life. Did anyone consider how much that decision is going to cost those parents?...

...My oldest daughter, Rebecca, was born at 37 weeks gestation, weighing 4 pounds seven ounces - this one really hits home. At that point, she was moving around inside me, hiccuping, rolling over, sleeping and waking, trusting that she was perfectly safe within her mother. This baby also trusted that he was safe, but he wasn't. Someone else decided that he didn't deserve to live.

This is not an isolated incident. We have heard twice now that late term abortions are being done in the IWK, which is the Children's Hospital, a place that is synonmous with caring for children, especially children with special needs. Now it will be synonmous with a place to kill those who are too much trouble.

Keep on praying, our prayers are ripping aside the curtain of darkness that hides these evil deeds from the light. And God will expose the deeds done in darkness, He will cast light on those things done in the name of good, but which are evil in His sight...

I find this very disturbing. My two youngest children were born at the I.W.K. Its heartbreaking to think that bringing life and administering death are so closely linked in this hospital. They share some of the same equipment, and even some of the same staff. How can anyone feel secure bringing their loved ones to a place that can serve up life and death on the same plate?

Please pray for all those families, who due to the one-payer health system in Canada, have no choice but to trust the I.W.K. with their loved ones. Please also pray for my future daughter-in-law, who is studying to be a nurse in this unholy environment. May God keep her strong and safe.

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