"False Rhetoric"

False rhetoric such as “science must triumph over ideology” will not stand the test of time. Such counterfeit reasoning and slick cover-up of the truth will not have the last word.

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted:

On Monday, March 9, President Obama signed an executive order that provides federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. This means that American taxpayers will now be paying for the killing of human beings at a very early stage in their lives (as embryos), so that scientific research can make use of them for experiments that may or may not yield positive results.

We U.S. taxpayers will now be forced to pay, whether we wish to or not, for the killing of our youngest brothers and sisters on the dubious hypothesis that their murders might, in the future, benefit others. Why did President Obama make this decision?...

....Let’s be clear about what this presidential decree is about. It is not about overcoming a prohibition against embryonic stem cell research. Tragically, such research is already legal in many places in our country. Already billions of dollars of California taxpayers are funding such heinous research. So our president is not overturning laws that prohibit such research. It is already legal.

What President Obama is doing is forcing all American taxpayers to pay for this homicidal research. He is forcing us who pay taxes to be complicit, in an involuntary yet real way, in this unethical enterprise. All of this is done so that “science can trump ideology.”

Cardinal Justin Rigali, chairman of the USCCB Committee on Pro-Life Activities, said this: “President Obama’s new executive order on embryonic stem cell research is a sad victory of politics over science and ethics. This action is morally wrong because it encourages the destruction of innocent human life, treating vulnerable human beings as mere products to be harvested. It also disregards the values of millions of American taxpayers who oppose research that requires taking human life. Finally, it ignores the fact that ethically sound means for advancing stem cell science and medical treatments are readily available and in need of increased support.”....

(h/t curt jester)

Obama is so anxious to set up his Culture of Death regime, he cannot even pace himself! Callous disregard for science whilst pledging to put science before ideology;federally funding the unsuccessful embryonic stem cell research and at the same time rescinding the funding for the successful, alternative stem cell research; following an ideology himself that is self-serving and elitist, in that he places himself above other human beings that he has the power to declare unworthy; total disregard for the moral sensibilities of millions of American taxpayers and the nation's medical personnel; the appointment of possibly the MOST radical supporter of all kinds of abortion as Health and Human Services head; - this is not a Christian man, or even a man who actually believes in a Creator God!


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