Public Service Announcement : HRC Reform

Action needed now.

Richard Moon’s report on the Human Rights Commission, released November 24, cost you more than $1000 per page. But it is worth it IF the government acts upon the number one recommendation. I think most taxpayers will insist that the government do what he recommends : repeal section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Regulation of Hate Speech on the Internet. Mr. Moon’s first and main recommendation is just that. “The first recommendation is that section 13 of the CHRA be repealed, so that the CHRC and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT) no longer deal with hate speech, and in particular hate speech on the Internet.”

Read his report here.

Getting rid of this troublesome and dangerous clause doesn’t fix the bigger problem of zealous and power driven appointees at the CHRC and its provincial counterparts abusing their authority. But lets start. Now.

Here is what we ask you to do:

1) call the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper and ask him to fulfill recommendation number one of this $50,000 report.

REPEAL Section13.

Ask him to also fulfill the strong wishes of his own party membership, who at the recent convention, strongly passed a resolution on this very matter.

2) call Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and ask him to ensure the law is changed to prevent further abuses by HRC staff against citizens who speak freely on issues that involve ALL of us. Unfortunately Department of Justice lawyers have not supported the notion of this change.

These calls can be made via 1-866-599-4999.

Their emails are:
Harper.S@parl.gc.ca and Nicholson.R@parl.gc.ca .

(Canada Family Action Coalition via Suzanne Fortin)

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