Politically Correct Healthcare

Stand Your Ground has a post on the 'human rights' crisis facing western society today:

"Secular fundamentalists can't stop complaining about Christians allegedly trying to force their religious beliefs on them. The truth however is - it's the secular fundamentalists that have been forcing their views on us.

Let me reiterate: Whatever rights and freedoms we still have left - we've inherited them from the days preceding Trudeau's "human rights" legislation. Once the so called "human rights" act had been passed and Orwellian tribunals (commonly known as "human rights" commissions) had been installed - we became second class citizens; since then our constitutional rights and freedoms have been continuously taken away to empower special interest groups. "

The expansion of the feeling of empowerment that the HRC's have, to self-monitoring civil 'authorities' of major professions, will affect greatly our access to actual health care. We will be limited to politically correct health care - a very disturbing development, especially in consideration of recent attempts by the CMAto establish itself as the final word on our most basic right - the right to LIFE.

Caymanians would do well to take note of the strife in other 'civilized' countries like Canada , and take steps to protect itself from ignorantly following the same path to repressive conformity of thought and speech promoted by the secular religionists. Succumbing to the pressure of our British governors to conform to UN and EU 'standards', will affect every area of Caymanian life, and wipe out every vestige of genuine Christian culture and Caymanian spirit of independance and integrity.

THEY DON'T REALLY CARE ABOUT CAYMAN! We are only a 'trade-off' in Britian's own struggle to maintain anything remotely British within Britain itself. The 'BRAVE NEW WORLD' is on the horizon, and we're not going to like it.

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