Canadians Not All Asleep

A poll of Canadian PEOPLE reacting to the awarding of a national honour to an abortionist famous for flouting the law, pressuring gov't officials before there was no law, and continuously pushing for broader public financing of abortion, has provided evidence that the left/lib media tools and their 'masters of social conformity' have not been completely successful in convincing Canadians that there is only 'one way' in regards to abortion, or at the very least, that persons of questionable morality and dubious history be awarded national honours!

LifeSiteNews reports that an impressive MAJORITY of Canadians did not appreciate the Governor General's stamp on the Order of Canada given away to Dr. Henry Morgentaler.

This brings me to an interesting side note...

We are ensconced in our country 'farm' house in PEI, with only CBC and CTV (ie no access to television news) no internet and no newspaper that I wish to read. Its a pretty carefree existence, and I'm not missing the world much at all.

Guess what I found on the bookshelf(my new best friend)? A 1981 edition of Barbara Amiel's 'Confession'. Although there are several perspectives expressed there that I profoundly disagree with, she sure had it on the ball a lot sooner than most!

More on this later as my hour of public acess is 'up'!

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Jeanne said...

Yes, and lefties complaining that the poll wasn't valid... (eyes rolling) Like theirs are more valid.

PEI... If I had money and time, (time especially) I'd go out and visit. Been awhile since I was last out east. You know, you all were my (our?) favourite cousins to visit in the summer. Of course, You were already grown up and gone by the time I could remember any of the visits, but I sure enjoyed Shane and Joey in later visits.