Call CTV To Vote 'NO' !

Public Service Announcement (forwarded by stmaxmedia.com):

This is one of the easiest 'NO' votes you can make.

Please call immediately. I just did. You don't have to say anything.....

If you do not approve of Dr. Morgentaler receiving the Order of Canada award ki ndly call this number:


It is to CTV and it is a 'No' vote call. You do not have to say anything.
It is answered with, 'This is CTV and your 'No Vote' has been recorded.' That's it.

Archbishop Tom Collins from Toronto is asking that all people of good will to protest 'this act of dishonor' and ask that this action be revoked.' Please pass this on to everyone you have in your address book, from Canada.


Anonymous said...

What's the 'Yes' vote number? Let's try to keep this country great and somewhat democratic.

island breezes said...

I don't know WHY ctv is having this poll, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't have anything at all to do with democratic consensus. The Gov.Gen et all were not concerned with 'consensus' when they gave the O.C. to Morgentaler. They knew it did not exist. Their action seems to have proven that the 'discussion' about abortion is far from 'over'. I don't think I'm being cynical to suggest that that is the opposite result that they were looking for.

Luckily, we still have the right (for the time being) to express our disgust with honouring a mass murderer as the 'best' of Canada.