I am currently half -way through "Father Elijah" by Michael O'Brien. It's wonderful. Having read "Island of the World" over Christmas, I anticipated it would be. Both novels are ripe with cultural and historical references. The characters are extremely real (uncomfortably and recognizably real). The imagery is profound. The plots are exciting.

I have not read any new novels for years. I have not found any inspiring ones to read, and thus have limited my 'novels' to re-reading those classics in my childrens' highschool curriculum.

Now I'm afraid I shall have to read all O'Brien's novels cover to cover, ravenously, until they are all consumed. Who knows what duties will suffer in the meantime! Such self-control I will have to muster!

For an overview of what Michael O'Brien has produced, including his iconography, check out:

*warning*- You'll want more!!!

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