"Traffic Stopping Display"

Capital Resource Institute:

To commemorate National Sanctity of Life Week, more than 60 volunteers from across Northern California gathered along Interstate 80 on Saturday, Jan. 17, to plant 3,000 white crosses -- each representing an abortion.

The purpose of the Vacaville display was to draw attention to the number of abortions performed every day. The sobering exhibit alongside the eastbound lanes of Interstate 80 was so effective that it actually stopped traffic. Before the pro-life activists had finished setting up the display, the California Highway Patrol dispatched an aircraft to request via a loudspeaker that the activists stop their set-up long enough for traffic to disperse.

"We expected people to notice the crosses but we were surprised that it backed up traffic," stated participant Diedre Eckle, director of Alpha Pregnancy Resource Center in Vacaville. "It is ironic that a memorial to aborted babies can bring a freeway to a halt, but the actual abortions go unnoticed."

"It's impressive that average citizens were able to draw attention to the horror of abortion in such a peaceful, effective manner," commented Karen England, executive director of Capitol Resource Institute. "We commend the Vacaville citizens for the commitment to giving voice the thousands of children killed every day through abortion."


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